Winfrey Plumbing 2019 Updates!

2019 has already brought a lot of new change for Winfrey Plumbing, and we are very excited for what the rest of 2019 holds for our company! We are happy to announce that the company has found an amazing new location for the shop and it will only bring new opportunities and an easier work environment for our Plumbers. We are constantly making new changes and improvements around the shop, for example, we are currently finishing up the remodel on our new training room. It will be a clean and new area in which we will be able to give all of the proper training to any new employee and hold staff meetings!

Winfrey Plumbing is also happy to announce that when you contact us, you will now be greeted with a new voice! We have hired a receptionist! During work hours all of your calls and scheduling will be handled by Maddie. It will be easier to make appointments and have any questions you may have answered! We have also added a new voicemail system to make it easier to leave a message during non-business hours! You will now have an emergency option available during non-business hours for any issues that can’t wait until the morning.

Also, just a reminder that it is never too late to become a Winfrey Plumbing Prime Customer! For fifty dollars a year you will receive V.I.P. service, ten percent off all repairs and more! For more information feel free to give our office a call and find out how you can become a Prime Customer today!



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