What Not To Flush Down Your Toilet

While your toilet may seem like what you put down there is out of sight, out of mind, it may come back to haunt you. And in an expensive way. The drains, and waste lines in your home are built to serve one purpose. Your toilet lines obviously rid of waste, and your drain lines get rid of dirty water. These lines are not built to take on everyday trash and build up that could just be thrown away.

What You Should Avoid Putting Down Your Toilet, And Why..

  • Baby wipes, AND Flushable wipes- Most of these wipes have almost a plastic base to them that does not break down in water. They can eventually get stuck, and build up in your waste lines, or toilet. The end result of this is having to access these lines to clear the clogs.
  • Paper Towels- While paper towels and toilet paper are both made of paper, paper towels are thicker, built to absorb more moisture with a mess. Toilet paper is designed to start breaking down in water, making it safe to flush. If you have ever made the mistake of flushing one or more paper towels, you may have had to face the consequences with a clogged toilet!
  • Cotton Balls- Just like paper towels, cotton is too thick to be flushed down your toilet. It can cause the same blockage and result in needing to be cleared out by a plumber!
  • Diapers- While we would hope this one is obvious, diapers were made to be thrown away, not flushed down the toilet!
  • Feminine products- It may be easier to flush feminine hygiene products down the toilet, that is not where they belong. They also can cause clogs, and would be more of an invasive one to have a plumber come fix.
  • Bleach- bleach is not meant to go down your waste lines to clear clogs, or clean toilet bowls in large amounts. Bleach can cause older pipes to corrode, or cause chemical reactions in waste lines that could be harmful.
  • Hair- All ladies have had to clean out their brush by pulling lost hair off of them. This hair does not belong down your toilet! It is too thick, and does not break down! You are better off throwing it in the trash.

What Not To Put Down Your Drains

While we are on the topic of waste lines/drains, it is always best to refresh your memory of items that should not be put in your garbage disposal, or down your sink in general. Just because you have a garbage disposal, does not mean you’re free to put whatever food, and scraps you can fit down there.

  • Egg Shells
  • Cooking Oil
  • Food Scraps
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Potato Skins

Your garbage disposal blades are not as sharp as knives. They can get dull very easily, and do not grind up everything enough every time. Putting food down your garbage disposal or drain can allow bacteria to grow. This bacteria growth can cause your drains to smell very bad. It is hard to clean a garbage disposal, and drain cleaners can have harmful chemicals that could cause more trouble than they’re worth. In the long run the safest, and cheapest bet is to just avoid putting anything down your drains.

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