How To Find Hidden Leaks

Small, or large hidden leaks can end up costing you money on your water bill. Or cause more permanent expensive damage to your home. Detecting them early can save you money, and time. Keep reading to learn the tricks to detecting leaks before damage is done.

Easiest Ways To Find A Leak

  • Check your Water Meter- Your water meter tracks the usage of water in your home. If you turn off the water in your home, and do not run any appliances, write down the number on the water meter, after about 2-3 hours, go back and check the number again. If it has gone up you have a leak somewhere, and are paying for water you do not use.
  • Monitor your monthly water bill- It is obvious in the Summer months you use the most water. With outdoor activities, and watering the grass. But keeping an eye on your water bill could help you catch a hidden leak. If your water bill spikes very high, and you suspect you did not use that water, you should call a plumber.
  • Buy food coloring- If you suspect a leak in your toilet, put food coloring in the tank. Leave it for about an hour. If when you come back there is food coloring in the bowl. You have a leak. Your toilet should not be constantly running when it is not being flushed. This would be a good time to call a plumber.
  • Watch for water marks- If you notice water marks on your ceiling do not just paint over them. There could be mold on the other side caused by an internal leak.

The Importance Of Updating Your Plumbing

Hidden leaks can waste up to 10 gallons a day that you pay for on your water bill. Keeping your plumbing system up to date, and code, will ensure that your pipes are not rotting, or wasting water. Your should maintenance your homes plumbing at least twice a year to ensure your pipes are working properly, and are supplying safe water, and removing waste without damaging your pipes. Plumbing appliances like water heaters, softeners, dishwashers, and more, should be replaced once worn down, or showing signs of leaks, or not functioning to its full ability.

What Can Happen If You Don’t Fix A Leak In Time

A leak can affect the structural section of your house. If an internal leak gets bad enough, it could put the entire framing at risk of falling apart. Also mold could develop. Mold can cause respiratory infections and damage that will need to be completely replaced once done. Or cause damage to furniture which you would have to replace as well. And everyone could over all conserve water if leaks were fixed before it’s too late.

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