The Different Types Of Toilets

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If you were to go buy a new pair of shoes, you would be looking at a wide variety. With consideration of size, functionality, price, and more. When you replace, or are shopping for a toilet, it is the same process. If you have not had to go toilet shopping, it may seem like there are one or two standard options, and that’s it. It is unbelievable the amount of varieties of toilets you are able to consider when buying a new one. If you need help installing your new toilet, you may hire professional plumbers in your area.

One-piece VS. Two-piece

Most residential toilets are two-piece. Which means the tank and the bowl are manufactured separately. And they’re put together at installation. They can be more difficult to install, but are inexpensive to repair and maintenance. They take up less space and sit closer to the ground. Two-piece toilets can be harder to maintenance, and more expensive to replace parts. They come as a set that you install all in one.

Floor VS. Wall-hung

Most common residential toilets are floor-standing models. Wall-hung toilets are more common in commercial establishments or one you can see in a portable toilet rental. Wall-hung toilets don’t have tanks. These toilets have waste pipes that enter into the wall, instead of the floor. It may cost more to accommodate a wall-hung toilet in your home. Wall-hung toilets do tend to be more expensive. Repairs for homeowners are more difficult without experience. If you have questions about plumbing repairs, you may visit sites like for more info.

Gravity-feed VS. Pressure-assisted

Gravity-feed flushing in short is when you push down on the flush handle, water drops from the tank into the bowl to move waste down the drain. A flush-o-meter rely on raw water pressure while pressure-assisted toilets utilize compressed air to force waste down the drain. A pressure-assisted toilet is more expensive but uses less water in the long run. Which will help you save on your water bill. Think about the toilets in air planes in this case. If you want the most eco-friendly toilet, it is called a dual-flush toilet. These toilets have two flush buttons. One is a lighter flush for urine, and the other one is a stronger flow for solid waste.

Standard VS. Comfort Height

Toilets also come in different heights. The standard version comes at 14-15 inches in height. And Comfort height can reach 17-19 inches in height. People who have minimal mobility may benefit from the comfort heigh. It is all up to personal preference. It may seem like a small difference, but it very noticeable if you use one, and switch to the other.

Round Bowl VS. Elongated Bowl

This option is mostly self explanatory. The only difference is in the shape of the bowl. This is also another thing that fall under personal preference.

Luxury Options

A lot of new modern toilets have smart technology and new features. Some of which include hands-free flushing, heated seats, built-in bidet, automatic overflow protection, self-cleaning, self-deodorizing, and toilet rim lights. These all come at a different cost. If you need help installing a new toilet, you may hire a plumbing services contractor. However, if you already have one but it currently needs repair, then hire experts who provide toilet repair in Akron.

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