Easy Dishwasher Care For Homeowners

Your Dishwasher needs to be maintained just like every other appliance in your home. They need to be clean, cared for, and receive maintenance. By choosing to neglect your dishwasher, you are choosing to live with unsanitary dishes, and half washed silverware. There are many ways to care for your dishwasher and go the extra mile to ensure it is functioning properly.


Your Dishwasher could not be running properly, without you even knowing it. Here are some ways to thoroughly clean it, and ensure that it is doing the best job it can do:

  • Make sure you run your dishwasher regularly. Even if you choose not to use it often, running it through a cycle every now and then, will make sure there is no debris settling.
  • Run your dishwasher through a cycle while it is empty. This way it can clean every inch of itself possible, without dishes getting in the way.
  • Be sure to clean the spinning arms. Food can get jammed on the arms, and can cause them not to release water.
  • Also clean the silverware basket outside of the dishwasher. Pieces of food can fall off silverware, and get stuck in the basket. This will cause odor.
  • Perform drain cleaning. Food and debris can get clogged in the drain, which will not allow the water to empty from the dishwasher, and can cause a clog. If there is actual damage and the work required goes beyond what you can do yourself, don’t hesitate to call commercial drainage repair or sewer jetting services to have professionals get things back on track.

How To Clean Your Dishwasher

When cleaning your dishwasher, you need to use an acid to remove buildup. For example, vinegar (white), or lemon juice. These acids will also allow your dishes to become more sparkly when cleaned in the dishwasher, and not muggy. To clean, and sanitize your dishwasher, use bleach on an empty load. This will get rid of mildew, and will sanitize your dishes at the same time.

Common Dishwasher Issues

  • It is common for people to neglect to clean their dishwasher, causing build up, and improper function of the appliance
  • Not using quality detergent can cause dishes to not be cleaned fully.
  • Putting dishes in the appliance that have not been rinsed out, or pre-cleaned can cause a clog. Your dishwasher can handle little pieces of food here, and there. It is not built to completely rid of leftover food, and scraps.
  • Do not overload your dishwasher. This will just not allow your dishes to be cleaned properly, and you will end up either cleaning them by hand, or running another cycle.
  • Use rinse aid to keep dishes from developing water spots. Rinse aid allows water to slip off dishes, keeping it from drying on the dish and causing water spots.
  • If temperature of water is not high enough, it can cause an odor in the dishwasher.

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