Maintenance Plans In Omaha & Grand Island

    Putting the Well-Being of Your Plumbing System First

    Many individuals believe that you can’t put a price on peace of mind; however, the team at Winfrey Plumbing disagrees. In fact, we went against the odds and set a price for total contentment by offering an affordable maintenance plan guaranteed to flush away your plumbing worries—for good.

    An Overflow Of TLC Benefits

    The best way to keep your residential or commercial plumbing systems running at their peak performance is by maintaining them. This requires providing your systems with the TLC they need—thankfully, Winfrey Plumbing can help.

    Through our in-depth inspections and thorough maintenance services, signing up for our maintenance plan will lead to:

    • Lower utility costs
    • Extended lifespan for your systems and fixtures
    • Fewer—or no—repairs or system breakdowns
    • Increased energy efficiency
    • More reliable operation

    If you’re looking to increase your system’s performance and lower your high utility bills, our affordable maintenance plan will do just that. So, sign up today!

    Dive Into The Specifics Of Our Maintenance Plan

    Our maintenance plan is simple. At the affordable price of $14 per month (or about $143 per year), you receive a year’s worth of protection at Winfrey Plumbing’s level of care. In short, when your home needs a repair, a whole home plumbing inspection, or front-of-the-line service, our plan safeguards your comfort by delivering a swift and dependable solution at a 10 percent discount every time.

    Through our maintenance plan, our certified and licensed plumbers will inspect, lubricate, adjust, and clean your water heater, fixtures, and plumbing systems to keep them operating flawlessly for trouble-free efficiency.

    Benefits of our plan include:

    • V.I.P. Service. Your needs are moved to the front of our service call line.
    • 10% discount on all repairs. This is for all water heaters and remodels.
    • No additional fees for late calls. Whether it’s day or night, you pay the same rate.
    • It’s transferable. You can take our plan with you to your new home.
    • Yearly home plumbing check-up. Our proactive maintenance services will help you catch potential problems early and our team will provide you with a detailed report of our findings.
    • Minor adjustments done for free. This includes: 10-point toilet tune-up, aerator cleaning, water heater maintenance, valve packing and more.

    Even further, the Winfrey Plumbing team will inspect the following to ensure the safety of your plumbing systems and your home:

    • Washing machine hoses
    • Exposed main shut-off valves in basement
    • Exposed piping for leaks or corrosion
    • Faucets for proper operation
    • Sink drains for proper drain flow
    • Under-the-sink piping
    • Emergency shut-off valves for proper operation
    • Water pressure in piping and fixtures
    • Water heater operation and efficiency

    Start Protecting Your System Today!

    It’s time to overflow your budget with savings and experience the feeling of true comfort and efficiency. To sign up for our maintenance plan, fill out our online form or to learn more about its benefits, simply call our team at 402-227-6477 today!