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Upgrade to Greater Comfort

You’ve spent years decorating and furnishing your home to perfectly match your personality and to coincide with your family’s needs. However, as much as you love your home, you feel as if you’ve outgrown it; one part of it, at least.

Due to your bathrooms’ current space limitations and poorly orchestrated layouts, your mornings have turned into quite the inconvenience. That’s because your children have officially matured past the hallway bathroom’s capabilities. And so now, they inconveniently decided to move their daily routine into your master bathroom, leaving you to not just battle your spouse for space, but rather, your entire family. If you’re considering a remodel, it might be time to explore new bathroom design possibilities. And when it comes to bathroom projects, consider reaching out to our experienced bathroom installers in London.

Luckily, Winfrey Plumbing, Inc.’s bathroom remodeling services are designed to bring joy back to your mornings and reinstate comfort in your home. Our team’s high-quality products and swift, yet efficient craftsmanship will flush away your space limitations, inefficiencies or other bathroom worries—for good.

A Flush of Facts

A bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It holds the ability to enhance your home’s overall comfort—or to completely halt it. That’s why, even though bathroom remodeling is an investment, it’s a win-win decision and creates for a newly renovated space that better suits your lifestyle. However, keep in mind, whether you’re looking to just replace one fixture or to completely renovate the room, having access to a Useful emergency plumbing service is essential. Bathroom remodeling is no small undertaking.

A Shower of Services

From the size of the room to the extent of the details, bathroom remodeling encompasses an array of assignments.

Services include:

  • Bathtub and shower installation
  • Warrant of appliance compatibility
  • Addition of lavish fixtures to large suites
  • Fitting luxurious amenities into your space and budget
  • …And more!

And so, whether your bathroom remodel is for a half, master, children’s or guest bathroom, a plumbing company must be proficient in the following services:

  • Bathroom design
  • Demolition & debris removal
  • Temporary plumbing throughout the renovation process
  • Final plumbing for the completed bathroom
  • Temporary electrical alternatives during the renovation process
  • Electrical wiring and services for the completed bathroom
  • Carpentry & sheet rocking
  • Tile & glass door installation
  • …And more!

Bathe in the Benefits

It’s time to say goodbye to slippery floors, a crowded sink and a poorly designed bathroom layout, and say hello to a bathroom that:

  • Better suits your lifestyle
  • Adds value to your home
  • Increases your home comfort
  • Saves you money on energy and water
  • Improves your time- and energy-efficiency
  • …And more!

And Winfrey Plumbing’s team can help.

Your Remodeling Guides

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your faucet or install a larger shower, Winfrey Plumbing’s experienced and dependable team of plumbers will work endlessly to get the job done swiftly and efficiently. Even more, throughout the remodeling process, our team will listen to your needs and guarantee that the finished product is exactly what you envisioned. And so, when you’re ready to upgrade your bathroom to better fit your current needs, our team is prepared with reliable products and services to wash your inefficiencies down the drain.

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It’s time to take back the comfort of the most important room in your home. To see how our team can bring bathroom remodeling and efficiency to your life, fill out our online form or call us at our Grand Island location 308.379.9665 or our Omaha location 402.204.0404 today!

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