Residential Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Come True

From holiday gatherings to family dinners, your kitchen is the place in your home that brings your friends and family together—and where guests spend the majority of their visit. This means that its appearance and functionality largely impact how individuals perceive your home. And so, it’s time to turn the kitchen you’ve always imagined into a reality.

Thankfully, while your kitchen is transformed into one that will leave a lasting impression, Winfrey Plumbing, Inc.’s team of licensed plumbers will ensure that your kitchen retains its functionality.

A Taste of Change

Your kitchen is a heavy traffic zone, making it the entrée of your home. That’s because guests are guaranteed to pass through or spend time here, making your kitchen your home’s main attraction. And so, if you’re looking to invest in your home, this is the room to invest in—and we guarantee that a kitchen remodel in your Grand Island or Omaha home won’t go unnoticed.

Broiling the Benefits

As a homeowner, a kitchen remodel in Omaha and Grand Island is one of the most beneficial investments you can make for both enhancing the everyday usage of this room and improving the overall resale value of your home.

From installing more energy-efficient appliances to creating more storage space, depending on how you choose to remodel your kitchen, benefits can include:

  • Improved safety
  • Increased storage space
  • Upgraded appliances
  • Upgraded efficiency
  • Extra working space for cooking
  • Enhanced functionality
  • …And more!

A Blend of Services

From redesigning the entire space’s layout to replacing the countertops, your kitchen in Omaha and Grand Island, NE holds vast transformation potential. This range of remodeling options leads to an array of plumbing needs. And there’s no need to hinder the efficiency of your kitchen remodel with inefficient plumbing installation and services, whether you’re looking to install a new backsplash for bathrooms or upgrade your sink fixtures.

A professional plumbing company can help you with:

  • Hook-ups of new appliances
  • Fixture replacement
  • Compliance with all applicable codes
  • Garbage disposal installation
  • Sink & faucet installation
  • …And more!

Sauté Ease Into Your Remodel

Don’t allow the kitchen remodeling process to become an overwhelming process. Instead, allow Winfrey Plumbing’s contractors to simplify the elaborate task for you. As your vision enters its final stages, our team will ensure that poor plumbing won’t hinder your new kitchen’s efficiency.

In fact, through our kitchen remodeling services in Omaha, NE and Grand Island NE, Winfrey Plumbing is able to combine taste with functionality. From replacing fixtures to installing new appliances, our licensed plumbers will safeguard the success of your redesign—and your home comfort.

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If you’re looking to boost the value (and beauty) of your home, then its time to take kitchen remodeling into consideration.

To see how our team can assist you with your kitchen remodel, fill out our online form or call our Grand Island location at 308.379.9665 or our Omaha location at 402.204.0404 today!

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