Septic System Repairs

Don’t Let a Backup Bring You Down

This morning, you happened to notice a large puddle in the middle of your yard. However, since it didn’t rain last night, nor has it rained for the past week, you know that this puddle is out of place. And so, you approach the wet area with caution and curiosity.

After further examination you connect the dots and realize that this mean that your septic system is in need of a repair—immediately.

Thankfully, the Winfrey Plumbing, Inc., team is just a call away. We will send one of our licensed plumbers promptly to thoroughly examine the symptoms, determine whether your septic system has a problem, and if so, provide you with an efficient solution to restore safety to your lawn and comfort to your home, right away.

Underground Basics

Septic systems are designed to remove and treat the liquid and solid wastes your household discharges. This system is crucial for the functionality of your home, because without it, you would be unable to eliminate cleaning products, toilet water and toilet paper, food residue from dishes, and other objects that are poured or flushed through your plumbing.

Evidence You Need to Intervene

If your system is working properly, it will remain odorless, out of sight, and for the most part, out of mind. However, your septic system is not immune to malfunctions. In fact, if your system has a hiccup, you’ll be sure to notice clear signs.

Telltale symptoms that your sewer system needs repair include:

  • Sewage back-up in the household
  • Untreated sewage emerging at the land surface
  • Groundwater degradation
  • Foul odors in your home and outside of it
  • Drains are slow to channel
  • Decline of grass around your septic tank

Get a Handle on the Problem Quickly

Problems with your septic system should not be treated lightly. In fact, if a problem arises, it is important to address and fix it right away. That’s because a septic system’s unsanitary nature can cause contamination of your ground water, surface water and your yard. So, the quicker your septic system is repaired, the less likely your small problem is to escalate to a larger issue, and the easier (and more affordable) it will be to fix.

The most common reasons your septic system may need a repair include:

  • Poor system installation
  • Improper size
  • Hydraulic overloading
  • Biological overloading
  • Lack of maintenance

Leave Your Wastewater Worries to Winfrey Plumbing

At Winfrey Plumbing, we are dedicated to putting your comfort and, most importantly, your safety, first. Our licensed plumbers promise to deliver fast and reliable septic system repairs, always.

You shouldn’t need to worry about your wastewater. That’s why our team is fully equipped to provide services for the following, so you can enjoy peace of mind that your essential septic system is doing its job:

  • Septic tanks
  • Control panels
  • Inlet and outlet tees
  • Electrical snaking for lines
  • Septic lift pumps
  • Distribution boxes
  • Septic tank pumping
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