Septic System Installation in Grand Island & Omaha

Flush Away Your Wastewater Worries

You’re beginning a whole new chapter of your life as Grand Island’s newest homeowner. There’s so much to do, from choosing the proper style of flooring for your kitchen to picking out the perfect living room furniture set.

Even before you can focus on those fun tasks, it is important to ensure the essentials are in the right hands. That’s why caring for your new home’s septic system should be at the top of your to-do list.

Since your septic system plays such a vital role in your home contentment, our licensed plumbers have put in the time to master all things septic.

It’s time to take one step closer to turning this house into a place that you call home—and to trust our team to help you cross off this crucial item from your to-do list.

The ABCs of S-E-P-T-I-C

Septic systems are on-site sewage systems designed to dispose of and treat household wastewater in lieu of connecting to the public sewer system. Your septic system is where the waste from your sinks, toilets, bathtubs, etc., is collected after it exits your home. When it comes to replacing or installing a new septic system, you need to turn to a reliable plumber or plumbing company that you can trust and will perform the services correctly, the first time around.

The Clear Advantages

It’s important for your septic system to run as reliably and efficiently as possible to keep your home and your landscape safe and clean. Compared to alternative waste systems, septic systems are designed to minimize pollution through their natural filtration process. If regularly maintained, a septic system can last for the lifespan of your home, with the average being about 20-40 years.

The cost to install a septic system can be significantly lower than installing new pipes to connect to a public sewage system. In fact, if you have more than one acre of land, our plumbers encourage you to choose an on-site septic system to save money. The initial cost to install a new septic system varies and is based on the size, type of system and location of the tank.

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